"...the only Certified Kitchen Designer AND Chef in the industry today..." CNN News

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UCLA EXTENSION BUILDING - 1010 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

What is the kitchen triangle and why doesn't it work. Designing by zone, and what that means. Call 310 825-9061 to sign up and learn more about the class, or visit http://uclaextension.edu

If cooking is a priority for you, then finding the right kitchen designer means asking the right questions. "Do you cook?" should be the first one. Not only am I a Professional Kitchen Designer and Design Professor at UCLA, I am a veteran active chef. I can help you. More...

First, A Bit About Me...

The name of my company, Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind, is also the name of my book (see inset, left). Donald E. Silvers is my name and I'm a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Kitchen Design Instructor at UCLA, and am known as 'Dr. Kitchen' on the Internet.

I am also a retired professional chef and a cooking teacher. As a matter of fact, 25 years ago I was teaching cooking for UCLA. I have been designing residential and commercial kitchens for more than 30 years.

As a kitchen designer, I've put together or consulted on more than 1,000 kitchens. As a professional chef, I've overseen preparation of anywhere from one to 6,000 meals a day. My previous career as a chef puts me in a unique position as a kitchen designer which allows me to design kitchens that are not only beautiful but functional..

A beautiful and functional kitchen is an extraordinary joy to work in as well as an aesthetic environment. Unfortunately very few people have ever had the chance to really work in the kind of kitchen that I design.  More...

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About the Design Process...

I offer two programs for design, tailored for people who are passionate about cooking and spending time in their kitchen preparing meals for the family, entertaining special friends and hosting dinner parties of any size. Your investment assures years of pleasure in a kitchen that is attractive and functions perfectly.

Design Assurance Program

Our Design Assurance Program offers an analysis of your finished kitchen plans. I'll evaluate your appliances, cabinetry, small appliance storage, flow patterns and whether you have enough usable counter space. The analysis is based on an in-depth questionnaire and phone conversations so your kitchen is specifically tailored to the personal needs, habits and cooking styles of you and your family.

Custom Design Service

Our custom design service is a complete personalized design service which starts at the beginning of the kitchen design process. It is more extensive and includes full kitchen design or remodeling plans. As in the design assurance program, it begins with a questionnaire and a phone conversation so your kitchen is designed just for you. This service includes a full set of 1/2" scale floor plans that can include electrical, mechanical and lighting, plus elevations and perspective drawings. Although I don't sell any products, I will specify all products for you, if desired.

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Kitchen Design with Cooking In Mind Kitchen Appliances 101 Down Home : Downtown
Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind by Don Silvers

Any number of books and magazines on the market today can tell you how to put together an attractive kitchen. Aesthetics are important, of course, but for people who cook, aesthetics are only half the story. This book tells the other half — how to design your kitchen for cooking. More...

Like the heart to the body, appliances are the engine that drives what a kitchen does: cooking, cleaning, and preserving with a lot of living mixed in. With this critical importance comes an awesome responsibility to make the right choices for your family, your home, and your life. Let this book guide you. More...

The cookbook is about the two sides of Sonoma County, California cuisine; the down home version and the downtown one.  Join chefs Josh Silvers, Syrah Bistro and Jeff Mall, Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar, & with Rodney Strong winemaker, Rick Sayre, as they come together for three very special dinners celebrating the release of their cookbook, Down Home : Downtown, Seasonal Recipes from Two Sonoma Wine Country Restaurants. More...